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About us

I look forward to preparing your taxes for the current year or get you in tax compliance by preparing your previous taxes at an affordable price. I have a Master's degree in Accounting, over 8 years previous experience as an IRS Tax Examiner, Collections Specialist, as well as experience as a Government Accountant.  I also completed the IRS Annual Federal Refresher course and received my Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)- Record of Completion.

My virtual tax preparation company will provide tax planning, tax preparation, e-file, Installment agreements, tax amendments, bank products for advance refund loans for qualified applicants, and tax consulting for specialized services for your tax filing needs.

I am excited to inform you of my new accounting bookkeeping services that will help you get ready for your tax filing requirements and assist you with up-to-date accounting records. Let me help me get "you" thru the hectic rules of "TAX season and get your books ready with accurate bookkeeping for tax savings and save you money by promptly filing and planning your taxes.

You can also email me at [email protected] to set up an appointment. You may also reach me via phone at 512-737-273-7378, or 512-763-2832 to leave a message.

For your convenience, in-person appointments are available per your request, or a zoom meeting per your preference.

Looking forward to serving you gladly!

"Accuracy with a Smile"  

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