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7500 Rialto Ste 250
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 Tax Preparation

I look forward to preparing your taxes for the current year or get you in tax compliance by preparing your previous taxes and look for tax savings for you.  I have a Master's degree in Accounting, over 8 years previous experience as an IRS Tax Examiner, Collections Specialist, as well as experience as a Government Accountant.  I also completed the IRS Annual Federal Refresher course and received my Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)- Record of Completion.

My virtual tax preparation company will provide tax planning for strategies and savings, tax preparation, e-file, tax amendments, and bank products for advance refund loans for qualified applicants, and tax consulting for specialized services for your tax filing needs.

*Accounting/Bookkeeping        Services
I am excited to inform you of my new accounting and bookkeeping services that will help you get ready for your tax filing requirements and assist you with up-to-date accounting records. Let me help me get "you" thru the hectic rules of the tax code and get your books ready with accurate bookkeeping for tax savings. I can save you money by promptly filing and planning your taxes and show you strategies to use all year long.  

 You may also reach me via phone at  512-763-2832 (mobile) to leave a message.
You can also email me at [email protected] to set up an appointment.

For your convenience, in-person appointments are available per your request, or a zoom meeting per your preference.

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